Do You Want a Fence? Here's How to Apply!

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Working on the wire

ChainFree Asheville is now focused on helping families of dogs who are chained in Buncombe County.  UnChain Buncombe works with people to encourage them to bring their dogs inside, but if it is determined that a fence is the best solution, the process begins with a telephone conversation with the owner of the dog.  We are helping people on a first come, first served basis which depends on the completion of the qualifying process, our volunteers’ schedules, the weather, and our financial resources.

In order for a person to qualify for a fence we ask that the person who owns the dog call us at 828-450-7736.  

We will ask them a series of questions including:

1.     Do you own or rent your property?  If you rent, is your landlord ok with building a fence on his/her property?

2.     Is the dog spayed or neutered (a requirement and the law). We may be able to help you out financially for the spay/neuter procedure.

3.     How old is the dog?

4.     Why is the dog chained? 

After we go through the phone intake process, we visit the property to determine size issues and topology including any inclines.  Our fences are made out of welded wire and we use t-bars and wooden posts set in cement at each corner of the fence.  A person  (not car) gate is also provided. The fences are normally built from one roll of 100 foot wire.

We try to build the fence using the back or side of the house as one leg of the fence.  This also provides the dog with access to the inside.  Every dog, of course, must have access to food, water and waterproof shelter.

If we come to build the fence, we must have access to water via an outside faucet/bib, and we need to know where the gas lines and electrical lines are in addition to property lines.

Although not required, we would greatly appreciate any labor you could provide for your fence and help with any future fences that we build.  Besides yourself, perhaps you have relatives, friends, or belong to a community group that could give us a helping hand.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  Just give us a call at 450 - 7736 and see if we can help.

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