Dog Behavior and Training Tips

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(from the Monterey, California SPCA)

Alternatives to Tethering or Chaining your Dog

A 2009 ordinance prohibits chaining of dogs within the city of Asheville.

If you have a dog that you keep chained, here are some alternatives that will help make your dog a happier, more behaviorally sound part of your family.

Bring Your Dog Indoors
Whatever the breed, your dog wants to be a part of your family.  Bringing your dog inside will not only make your dog happier and increase your bond with your dog, it will more than likely make you happier, too.

  1. A tired dog is a good dog. To make the transition smoother, be sure to exercise your dog every day.  
  2. Behavior training is key - and easy.  Many behavior problems such as barking, chewing, and housetraining are quite easy to solve.
  3. Dog proof the house like you would for a toddler.  Anything you don’t want the dog to get into needs to be out of his reach.

Housetraining Problems?  Try Crate Training!
Crate training can take a just few days or up to a couple of weeks, depending on your dog's age, temperament and past experiences.  The crate should always be associated with something pleasant and training should take place in a series of small steps.  Click here to learn more.

Fence Your Yard
If you are unable to have an inside dog, make sure your fence is secure, provide him with lots of interactive toys, and allow him to run free in the yard. Remember, exercise is still very important. A dog does not burn very much energy just hanging out in the back yard.  Instead, they tend to lie around and wait for their family to come home!

If your dog escapes your fence, you can attach slick bamboo fencing that is difficult for dogs to climb or purchase "coyote roller".  Coyote roller was originally designed to prevent coyotes from jumping over fences but also works wonders keeping jumping dogs inside fences. You can stop diggers by lining the bottom of the fence with cement blocks or burying chicken wire underneath the fence.

Be sure to provide an elevated, dry dog house that faces away from the wind and have clean water available at all times.

Did We Mention Bringing Your Dog Indoors?

Your dog should be a member of the family and have as much interaction with his people as possible in order to be the best dog he can be. For further information and helpful tips, please look at our free behavior handouts.

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