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Fencing Your Yard

Fencing is  very popular way to allow your dog to roam off a chain.   Many dog guardians might choose to bring the dog inside the home and exercise the dog on a leash (as many apartment dwellers now do). Chain Free Asheville recommends a minimum fenced enclosure area of 900 square feet for each dog.  This value has recently been adopted by some U.S. cities as a requirement in their laws governing humane care of animals.  

With 100 linear feet of fencing, and having one side of the rectangle be the house, a 30 feet x 40 feet area can be created, producing a total of 1,200 square feet.

Two types of fencing frequently used to construct dog enclosures are welded wire and chain link.  Both types of fencing, along with required hardware, are commonly sold in home improvement stores and some farm supply stores.  Fence posts, hardware, and gate materials should also be considered when planning the enclosure.

Costs for fencing materials and installation vary widely, but it is possible to save a substantial amount of money if you do it yourself!

Here are some links to fencing information and instructions for do-it-yourself installation:

Fence Building from UnchainYourDog.org

Building Fences

All fence building follows the same basic steps:

  1. Determine the fence's boundaries.
  2. Set the posts into the ground. Think of posts as the framework of the fence.
  3. Attach fencing to the posts.
  4. Install a gate.

Mesh Fencing

The simplest and cheapest type of fence is a mesh fence. T-posts or wooden posts are set into the ground and mesh fencing is attached to the posts. This type of fence is not as sturdy as chain link, but it will keep many dogs contained. Learn more about mesh fencing.

You can also extend the height of your existing fence with mesh fencing.  Click here for more information.

Chain Link

Chain link is very strong and durable, and looks nice when installed. Chain link materials are more expensive than a T-post fence, but it is still cheaper to install yourself than to hire someone to do it.

The following sites have step-by-step instructions for building a chain link fence:

Don't be intimidated by the long lists of instructions on the websites. Yes, building a chain link fence does take time and work. But the average person can build chain link on their own. Our site also has some information on chain link fencing.

Look around your neighborhood at fences for ideas about the different fencing options that are available. Looking at other people's fences might also give you ideas about construction and configuration.


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