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Buncombe County's Ordinance

Current County Ordinance:  Section 6-58-Animal Care:

(p)  It shall be unlawful to tether an animal to a stationary object for a period of time or under conditions that an animal control officer or animal cruelty investigator deems harmful or potentially harmful to the animal.  Tethering may be allowed in certain cases where daily socialization and exercise off the tether can be verified and the animal is not exhibiting health or temperament problems.  Examples of improper tethering include, but are not limited to the following:

(1) Using a length or weight of tether that is not appropriate for the size, weight and age of the animal.  The restraint must be a minimum of four times the length from the tip of the animal’s nose to the tip of the animal’s tail and shall be no less than ten feet.

(2) Using tether that does not have swivels on both ends.  All tethers must be attached to the animal by means of a properly fitting harness or collar of not less than one inch in width made of nylon or leather.

(3) allowing an animal to tethered (sic) such that the animal is not confined to the owner’s property or such that the tether can become entangled and prevent the animal from moving about freely, lying down comfortable (sic) or having access to adequate food, water and shelter.

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